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Solution Overview

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FastSpring Account Setup

Logging into the dashboard

The FastSpring App is your interface for managing your FastSpring stores, products, customer orders and reporting.

Sign up at to create an account. A new store will be created when you sign up. Additional stores can be created and added to your account on request.

Once you have an account and have been provided your credentials, you can log in to the FastSpring app at

You can always change your password via the instructions here

If you have any questions or issues logging in, please contact either your sales representative or our customer support team

Setting Up FastSpring Users

The FastSpring dashboard offers much in the way of managing orders, accounting, reporting and day-to-day eCommerce management tasks. It may therefore make sense to set up multiple users with different roles and permissions to access different parts of the dashboard.

Any user with Administrator access can add, modify or remove other users from the store.

See the documentation below on information about the different roles and what access they have, as well as how to add new users or modify existing ones.



Enabling Purchase Orders

When selling to organizations or other businesses, those parties may require a purchase order with a dedicated PO Number for their account systems. FastSpring support Purchase Orders via the normal checkout process as an optional setting that can be enabled for your account.

When a customer opts for a Purchase Order at the checkout, we will generate an invoice and a link to complete the payment that will be sent to the customer. Optionally, there may be a manual approval by you between these steps.

See the below documentation for a full description of the workflow, customer experience and associated technical details.


Customize the branding and logo of customer notification emails

Having consistent branding throughout the entire purchase process is important for reassuring customers about their purchase. By default, FastSpring send various transactional emails to customers to deliver order receipts, subscription billing notifications, etc. It is therefore a good idea to set the logo of these emails to your company’s logo so that customers are clear about who they are dealing with.

The logo for all customer-facing emails is set in the FastSpring dashboard as a shared snippet and can be modified freely to point to any web hosted image.

Note: for email messages, we recommend using a logo image no wider than 275 pixels; the default FastSpring logo image is 143 x 35.

Please see the documentation below for step-by-step instructions to change the logo of the customer emails.



Setting up your FastSpring Storefront

Final Steps

Making test purchases

Before going live with your store, it is important to test the payment process thoroughly to verify that:

  • Everything works as expected
  • You are comfortable with the purchase flow being offered to customers
  • To identify anything that can be improved or corrected.
  • To make sure the fulfilment of products are being delivered correctly
  • To validate the look and feel of the experience
  • To check the user experience in various languages and countries.
  • To validate the contents of the customer email receipts
  • To familiarise yourself with managing orders and reports in the dashboard.
  • To test that webhooks or API calls are triggering correctly and being received by their target destination.
  • Validation of back-end processes on your side: e.g. enabling access to a software as a service platform.

Testing can be done with FastSpring without charging a real credit card. In the dashboard you can find the details for the test card including a CVV code unique to your store. Placing an order with this card on a store using the test URL will trigger a test transaction. More details and a step-by-step for both web and popup storefronts can be found in the documentation below.



Go Live

With the integration complete and tested, the final step is to go live to your customers! Below is a list of items to check before you go live - such as ensuring that your store is active, website whitelisted, products added to the store etc.

When ready, remove .test from your store’s URL to accept live transactions.

Before going live, do communicate your launch date/time and any considerations to your sales representative so that FastSpring can support your launch and be ready to help with any issues that may arise.

Setup checklist before launching your store

Operational Information

Additional Information

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